Updated: May 16


““Pile your troubles on God’s shoulders- he’ll carry your load; he’ll help you out.” Psalm 55:22 -The Message

Letting go and giving it all over to God is one of the hardest, yet most life changing things that we can do.

It requires total trust and faith in God.

When we don't let go or we go back and pick it up again, it means we trust ourselves more than we trust God.


We do it all the time.

Then we live in unrest and turmoil trying to control everything around us.

It's exhausting and a battle we won't ever win.

Sometimes we can't control our situation, but we can control how we react and what we do in that situation.

There's a special kind of peace above any kind of peace we know when we choose to surrender to God and let him take the reins;

We begin to breathe again.

We begin to see again.

Our heart begins to beat again.

Surrendering is like letting go of a big, weighted ball and chain that we've been carrying around attached between us and another person or thing that’s keeping us from a life of freedom and purpose which only comes from God.

My prayer for all of us today is that we would surrender, let it go, give it to God, get out of his way and let him take care of things on our behalf instead of us trying to take care of things and fix everything on our own.

Take a deep breath.

Open your hands

Give it to God.

With Jesus there is always HOPE TO COPE,

Donna Lind 💗


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